Summon thy age-old rival – the Game of Phones has begun! The Toyota Gaming Engine’s first mobile gaming tournament has entered the medieval fantasy world of Clash Royale. The free-to-play, real-time strategy game puts two Kings’ armies against each other in a battle to topple the opponent’s tower.

This battle for supremacy created the perfect opportunity to use Game of Phones as the platform for gaming rivals to duel in the realm of Clash Royale to settle old scores once and for all. TTGE also revived medieval insults for players to use when challenging their adversaries to meet on the battlefield, to add fuel to the fire between foes.

Upon hearing about the Game of Phones tournament, Okay Wasabi said that this was the perfect opportunity to challenge Sandile M - using a medley of medieval insults - to a Revenge Match to settle their unfinished beef from TTGE’s Rocket League Fan Challenge.

The tournament’s name, Game of Phones, leveraged the popularity of the TV show Game of Thrones, which was set in the medieval fantasy world like that of Clash Royale. Arch-rivals with generations of bad blood between them have been given the chance to become the ultimate ruler. The name also instantly lets you know the game is played on mobile phones.

How to enter
The first 128 players to register via The Toyota Gaming Engine secure a spot in the tournament, which will start with its first qualifiers this evening, the 23rd of March, and the second set of qualifiers to be held on the 26th of March.

Tournament Structure:
Two Qualifier Rounds in which 64 players battle it out for 4 available spots in the Finals. After the Qualifiers, the Top 8 players will face off for the R10 000 cash Grand Prize. 2nd and 3rd place win R6 000 and R4 000 cash respectively.

The Toyota Gaming Engine:
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