On the evening of May 18th , HAVAL JOLION was launched in Moscow, and online sales started simultaneously.

On the evening of May 18th , HAVAL JOLION was launched in Moscow, and online sales started simultaneously.

The launch event is centered on the launch of brand-new platforms and new products, and based on the life style of “fashionable”, “cool”, “eager to be followed” and “willing to share” among young users, Top-stream Internet celebrities, bloggers and online fans interact in real time, realizing the perfect combination of launch event and fan co-creation.

The HAVAL brand insists on winning the market by impressing users. HAVAL JOLION targeted in new youths who "dare to enjoy and dare to do". They are keen to express themselves and eager to pay attention. They were born in the era of the Internet and are used to demand everything around them. HAVAL JOLION creates a Gen Z fashion aesthetic with a new design language, with unique and beautiful colors, and at the same time considering their needs for various intelligent scenes, equipped with intelligent technology specs, and meet the demanding requirements of young people for their cars, by intelligent strength to Impress users.

The HAVAL JOLION was built by the brand-new lemon platform,which is a globalized, highly intelligent and modular technology platform newly created by GWM, which lasted 5 years and cost 20 billion yuan, for the global market. The intelligent modular design can make the body structure better and the performance stronger, satisfying customers' double needs of texture and comfort, bringing an extraordinary driving experience and superior handling stability.

HAVAL JOLION is equipped with leapfrog luxury full-speed adaptive cruise control, AEB pedestrian and bicycle safety assistance, 360° automatic parking and other functions, which can reach the level of L2 automatic driving. These configurations make JOLION absolutely build its leading position the same level in intelligent driving, and let users enjoy the fun of technological development. For the multimedia audio-visual entertainment system that young users are particularly concerned about, JOLION is equipped with the largest 12.3-inch LCD central control screen in its class, equipped with an 8.6-inch full-color head-up display and a full LCD instrument panel. In the era of information explosion, with three screens, no matter how much information, HAVAL's JOLION is a genuine smart car. In order to provide customers with a quiet driving environment, JOLION uses high-performance sound-absorbing materials, and has done hundreds of fluid dynamics simulation optimizations, which greatly reduces engine noise, road noise and wind noise, etc., the sound effect of it can let you feel like in the Russian Grand Theater.

HAVAL's JOLION is the second product launched in the Russian market after F7, which has assembled the top resources of GWM. It will surely drive the HAVAL brand to continue to rise and achieve new breakthroughs in sales.