• Steffen Knapp replaces Martina Biene as the head of the Volkswagen Passenger Car Brand.
Johannesburg – Steffen Knapp has been appointed to head the Volkswagen Passenger Car Brand in South Africa and replaces Martina Biene. The position is effective from 1 January 2021.

Steffen Knapp, who originates from Germany, joins the South African team from Volkswagen India where he developed a successful turnaround strategy for the brand.

“I am confident that Steffen Knapp will continue the great work initiated by Martina Biene and compliment that with his own initiatives. He has good strategic skills and a wealth of experience, which augurs well for both the Volkswagen team and the Dealer Network,” said Mike Glendinning, VWSA Sales and Marketing Director.

Knapp, who holds a degree in Economics, has spent his entire career in the automotive industry and has held various management positions within Europe which included Brand, Sales and Dealer Network as well as Managing Director with responsibility for a market.