HAVAL JOLION Makes Amazing Debut in South Africa and Brings "First Taste of Love"Life is complicated, and everyone gets caught up in daily rush. But life can also be a surprise, a gift, and love.

HAVAL JOLION Makes Amazing Debut in South Africa and Brings "First Taste of Love"Life is complicated, and everyone gets caught up in daily rush. But life can also be a surprise, a gift, and love. If you could choose one gift for your loved one, what would it be? On the night of April 20, HAVAL JOLION made its debut in South Africa in a sweet way, and revealed the answer for customers with three heartwarming videos. The answer is, for love couples, married couples and older couples, HAVAL JOLION can be the best gift for their loved ones.

Unwrap the Biggest Mystery Gift at the Scene in South Africa
The activity site was dominated by high saturated yellow, orange and blue, and the whole process was immersed in light electronic music and laser show, which showed the youthful vitality and sense of future science and technology of HAVAL JOLION. At the same time, under the theme of "Unwrap the Gift", the idea of “love and gift” was conveyed by telling stories, reaching people of different ages, and releasing the sentimental value of the brand through emotional marketing.

With the music and dance going on, the gift box decorated with LED in the center of the stage was unwrapped, and HAVAL JOLION was unveiled to public. With the unique and brilliant design, it caught everyone's eye, and the atmosphere reached a climax.

With Both Beauty and Strength, HAVAL JOLION is the Best Gift
As an urbanized and young model, HAVAL JOLION will focus on the young and middle-aged market with young mentality in South Africa. The body shape follows the golden design aesthetics, with the starting waist line through the side of the car. The tail design is distinct in hierarchy, the combination tail light around the corner echoes with the front, and the graceful posture attracts the audience's interest. HAVAL JOLION is full of passionate enthusiasm, which takes the design language of "burning love" to the extreme, and injects the DNA of "brave love", thus waking up the hormones of youth of consumers in South Africa. On the site, HAVAL JOLION brought plenty of surprises to reporters and KOLs with its beauty and strength, delicacy and luxury.

The reports from CAR, the biggest automobile vertical media in South Africa, said that the interior design of HAVAL JOLION is a most eye-catching factor, and they believe that HAVAL JOLION is going to challenge competitive products in South Africa!
HAVAL Motors South Africa(HMSA) grows Against Trend in 2021, Ranking Eighth in MarketOn the site, Phil Li, the General Manager of HMSA, said that although most enterprises have experienced setbacks such as factory closure and sale decline in 2020 due to COVID-19, compared with 2019, GWM's annual operating revenue still increased by 7.38% and its net profit increased by 18.36%. HMSA has always been adhering to the spirit of GWM to adjust, grow and innovate. For this reason, after one year of the epidemic, HAVAL has gone against the trend. According to the data released by National Association Automobile Manufacturers South Africa (NAAMSA), HAVAL ranks 8th in the market share, becoming the only Chinese car brand among the top 10. HMSA will also continue to follow the trend of continuous change and innovation, and strive to bring a unique and surprising experience to South African users. On the one hand, HMSA will adhere to customer-centric, understand the real needs of users in South Africa, and build a mental recognition in the hearts of users through empathy and co-creation.

On the other hand, at present, 85% of household consumption decisions in South Africa are made by women. HAVAL JOLION will take this opportunity to seize the dividend of female consumption and target the female circle to form continuous interaction. On the launch day, HAVAL JOLION invited lots of women KOLs to the scene. They show unique female strengths respectively in different circles, which exactly coincided with the energetic spirit released by HAVAL JOLION.