“When we made our “The British are Coming” commercial to launch the new 500L in America in 2013, we didn’t expect it to become a viral favourite years later. At the time, the commercial was successful in the States, with millions of views. But what makes it a benchmark in communication is how it has been re-used by so many people. The original film has shown up in many homemade cuts, shared with millions on people’s YouTube channels, via WhatsApp, and through other social vehicles of fun.” Said Olivier Francois, CEO Fiat & CMO Stellantis, and added: “The “The British …no, the Italians are Coming” became the plot for new stories, like when Prada took their shot at the America’s cup in early 2021, and again – today – with Italy taking on England at Wembley in the Euro 2020 Final: with the extra fun of seeing, on the same day, the first-ever Italian in a Wimbledon Men’s Final. “The British/Italians are Coming” could be on its way to becoming one of the most re-used commercials in communication history, and we are proud that it echoes the light-hearted way Fiat stays relevant with a wide audience. Forza Azzurri!”