• Designed to serve Audi drivers with vehicles from model year 2008 and onwards that do not have Audi connect installed.
  • A new and free digital innovation which started rolling out to Audi owners from 1 June 2022.
  • The Audi connect plug and play technology is installed on-site at an Audi Dealership, automatically providing digital and connected functionality between the vehicle and smartphone.
Johannesburg, 4 July, 2022 – Audi South Africa has introduced the national availability of its new Audi connect plug-and-play device. This innovative technology solution is freely available to all customers whose vehicles have a model year introduction from 2008 onwards and that doesn’t currently offer Audi’s latest connected integrated technology. The Audi connect plug-and-play app (available on iOS/Android) lets your smartphone use Bluetooth and the Audi connect plug-and-play hardware to connect to your vehicle, turning it into a connected car in no time at all.

“We understand that Audi customers are keeping their vehicles for a longer period of time and attempting to get the most out of their vehicles through the latest technological and convenience offerings. The Audi connect plug-and-play device is part of our ongoing commitment to help bring digital innovation to all our customers, through the driving experience” says Hassan Salie Head of Aftersales and Dealer Development at Audi South Africa.

With real-time vehicle data, Audi connect plug and play turns the car into a connected vehicle. The retrofit solution offers diverse connectivity features and benefits for older vehicles. Once the hardware is installed and the app is downloaded, customers can expect to experience several benefits with the Audi connect plug-and-play device and application. This includes an overview of the most important car data (mileage, fuel levels, vehicle identification number); evaluation of their driving style; service appointments; roadside assistance in the case of a breakdown; automated recording of car location; as well as an automated connection to their selected Dealer partner.

The Audi connect plug and play device (hardware) and mobile phone app (software) is required to digitally connect customers with their vehicles, and in turn connect them to their preferred service providers. The registered Audi Dealership will then be digitally equipped to communicate with the Audi driver timeously about service intervals and potentially other offers on hand.

The installation of the Audi connect plug-and-play hardware is a value-added initiative (free of charge) and customers are encouraged to contact their preferred Audi Dealership for a booking and to assess the opportunity for compatibility and installation.

For more information on this digital offering visit: https://www.audi.co.za/za/web/en/keep-up-to-date/audi-connect/audi-connect-plug-and-play.html