As technology continues to evolve within every industry, motoring brands have made a concerted effort to ensure that their latest vehicles are packed with the most advanced features. Attempting to be at the forefront of innovation, Kia has introduced a number of premium models that utilise a driver-focused approach in their creation. As a prime example of this, the Kia Sorento comes with a high price tag but is completely worth it thanks to its exceptional quality. With every single journey, the Sorento delivers an entirely effortless driving experience.

On The Road

The variant that we spent our time with was the Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDI SXL AWD DCT 7-Seater. On the initial drive, its incredible power was the first thing to make a massive impression. Even in Eco Mode, this SUV moves ahead rapidly. Of course, this becomes even more evident once you select Sport Mode, a selection that allows you to feel the full force of this imposing vehicle. Along the same lines, Comfort Mode is a nice addition too, softening the suspension to smooth out every bump. For those that wish to go off-road, this may not be the most rugged model but its all-wheel-drive options will still allow you to enter mud, snow and sand terrains with ease.

On The Inside and Outside

At its core, the Sorento is stunningly easy to drive. The technology that has been implemented within it offers an upgraded level of safety and convenience. On the digital dashboard, blindspot and collision warnings ensure that there is little chance of an accident thanks to cameras that alert you if it's unsafe to turn. Furthermore, reversing is as simple as ever due to a bird's-eye view display that lets you see the Kia Sorento from above. As you sit in the driver’s seat, this is just the start of the extraordinary features that are at your fingertips. From the supremely comfortable adjustable leather seats to the wireless smartphone charger, it will probably take you a while to take in every technological element.

For those that take in this SUV as you drive past, the external design of the vehicle manages to be both robust and classy. Continuing the familiar style of the modern Kia brand, every inch of the Sorento seems purposely moulded to make an impact.

Key Features

  • 8" Audio Display Navigation
  • Impact Sensing Auto Door Unlock
  • Paddle Shifters
  • Rotary Gear Shift Dial

Final Thoughts

The entire Kia Sorento range is priced between R809 995 and R994 995, so you would expect to receive a lot of value with your purchase. With this review being based on the most expensive variant, we found the vehicle to be absolutely worth the cost. If you have sufficient funds and are actively searching for a cutting-edge SUV, the Sorento might just be the vehicle for you.