Fascinating special trucks: new Atego and new Axor
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Fascinating special trucks: new Atego and new Axor

Date: 16 Mar 2011 Author Type: Press Release
Author: Mercedes-Benz
Source: Mercedes-Benz

·    New Atego and new Axor: Actros-style design, revamped interior

·    Enhanced product offering

The new Atego and Axor continue a long-established legacy of Mercedes-Benz trucks and bring unprecedented comfort and functionality to distribution operations.

The new Atego and Axor: new design in the style of the Actros

The new Mercedes-Benz Atego and Axor models are distinguished by their modern Actros-style appearance. The newly-designed front section, featuring a striking radiator grille, emphasizes the fact that these vehicles belong to Mercedes-Benz's heavy-duty truck range.

“The new Atego and the new Axor continues a long-established legacy of Mercedes-Benz medium duty trucks,” says Christo Kleynhans, Product Manager, Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles.

Comprehensively revamped cockpit

The cab's interior offers a wealth of new features. All variants are now equipped with a multifunction steering wheel to operate the on-board computer, telephone and radio. The new anti-glare instrument cluster features chrome ring surrounds for the speedometer and rev counter.

The standard equipment of both the new Atego and the Axor further includes new seat covers, head restraints integrated in the backrests and a clothes rail with adjustable hooks. The cockpits of both these models have been designed to cater for specific needs, and feature a host of stowage options as well as ergonomically positioned controls within easy reach of the driver. The easy through-cab access for both the driver and co-driver allows for freedom of movement during delivery.

The Axor comes standard with a state-of-the-art communications centre, including new radio with Bluetooth capabilities, and CD player with control functions integrated through the multi-function steering wheel.

There are two cab sizes for the new Atego; a standard cab with two individual seats for the driver and co-driver or the optional distribution long cab.   This additional space allows for safe storage or a bench seat that is ideally suited to carry a small work crew.

The new Axor continues to offer the unique choice of three different cab sizes. The standard short cab is ideally suited for day to day operations. In the freight carrier and truck tractor models, this cab comes with a fold-up bunk.

The low-roof sleeper cab is best suited for medium-distance haulage and the high-roof sleeper cab for long-distance routes. The spacious low roof sleeper cab with a standard bed is comfortable and practical, whilst the high roof sleeper cab provides a generous feeling of space and additional stowage options behind the seats. 

Both the Atego and the Axor have excellent rear visibility due to the electronically adjustable aerodynamic exterior mirrors (standard on the co-driver’s side), as well as the wide angle rear view mirror located below the main mirror. Heated exterior mirrors also come as standard so there is no risk of misting over. The new bumper view mirror will also provide assistance when manoeuvring in tight places.

For further safety whilst manoeuvring and parking, a reverse warning buzzer has been integrated in the reverse light. As these vehicles are used extensively in the distribution of goods, this additional safety feature is key.

Broad range of drive configurations tailored to diverse modes of deployment

Two proven engines designed to Euro 3 standard cover the Atego range from 130 kW (177 hp) with 675 Nm of torque in the 4-cylinder guise and 170 kW (231 hp) and  810 Nm of torque and 205 kW (279 hp) and 1 100 Nm of torque in the 6-cylinder models.

The Axor is mated to the 6-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 6-litre and 12-litre. Peak torque ranges from 1 100 Nm for the engine with 205 kW (279 hp), 1 850 Nm for the 260 kW (354 hp) engine to 2 000 Nm of torque for the engine with 295 kW (401 hp) of power at 1 250 r/min and 1 100 r/min  respectively. Both these engines are also Euro 3 compliant. 

The Telligent® engine management system allows these engines to reach their peak torque in the r/min range offering the lowest fuel consumption. This means that power is available when it is needed most, whilst offering lower fuel consumption.

The optional Telligent® automated gearshift in the Atego range enables the driver to concentrate fully on driving and combine comfort with convenience. This automated gearshift is also kind to the transmission components, ensuring a long transmission service life. Drivers have a comfortable ride whilst operators enjoy the economic benefits.

“These engines are well suited to the typography and rugged conditions of the South African roads and the reliability has been proven over a number of years,” adds Kleynhans.


In a class of its own


Safety is synonymous with Mercedes-Benz and the cab interior and exterior with a striking family resemblance of the Actros, expressive and attractive, has the emphasis on safety.

The antilock braking system (ABS) standard across both the Atego and Axor range, is a safety feature that prevents lock-up of the wheels during braking. The system is based on a dual-circuit brake system.

In addition, a select number of Axor trucks are fitted standard with the “Turbobrake” engine brake, a wear-free auxiliary brake which increases the boost pressure and, therefore, increases the engine braking effect to as much as 300 kW.

Air conditioning, additional side and rear-view mirrors, seat adjustments, and a more user-friendly cab, are all features designed and built to make the journey of the truck driver safe and productive.

The new Axor features two keys as standard in a new design. Fully functional to open and close the doors, steering wheel and diesel tank locks.

The new Atego and Axor range are very good ‘all rounders’ and can be used in virtually any industry from construction and building, to timber and mining, to professional haulage. These trucks are ideally suited to transport raw material such as timber, sugar cane and mining material as well as sophisticated, finished consumer goods and products.


The Atego and Axor vehicles are highly desirable trucks for distribution operators. To accommodate these customers in purchasing or upgrading their fleet of vehicles, a value-add product named CharterWay Service Leasing is available to facilitate these needs.

The CharterWay Service Leasing product is supported by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, has a modular range of services to offer a high degree of flexibility to transport operators in terms of lease duration and maintenance cover (the latter available separately if required).

Effectively CharterWay transfers the risk of truck ownership from the customer to the supplier, and the client knows exactly what their monthly expenses are based on the predetermined monthly rental.

The CharterWay Service products include the Complete and BestBasic packages. The choice between these packages will be based on the amount of risk which the customer wishes to transfer out of his business, starting with a “service only” plan, up to a full maintenance plan, thereby outsourcing maximum risk.


Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles offer an extended warranty on the Powertrain of three years or a specified maximum kilometre limit for trucks in the Mercedes-Benz Actros, Axor and Atego range.

This warranty kilometre limit is valid up to a mileage of 450,000 km/3 years for Actros and Axor in all operations, with the exception of vehicles in start / stop operations, where the kilometre warranty limit is 250 000 km/3 years. These units are primarily tippers and concrete mixers used for heavy duty construction, where mileage covered on a per annum basis is minimal.

Warranty on the Atego Powertrain is three years with driveline warranty of 250 000 maximum kilometre limit.

With this warranty coverage on the Powertrain of the Actros, Axor and Atego range of trucks, Mercedes-Benz Commercial vehicles are reinforcing their confidence in the quality of the product. Not only offering customers an extremely competitively priced product, but also providing the assurance of support from the Mercedes-Benz dealer network, parts and services throughout Southern Africa. 

This value added product not only gives the customer peace of mind, but also ensures that customers view the Mercedes-Benz brand as a truly professional partner for all transport requirements.

“These new generation Atego and Axor trucks are renowned for their versatility, manoeuvrability, robustness and quality,” concludes Kleynhans.

The comprehensive Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle dealer network throughout Southern Africa is strategically placed, and these state-of-the-art facilities offer sales, service and parts. Trained personnel are on-hand to provide greater service and support than ever before. In addition, Mercedes-Benz Finance and Insurance business managers, for finance, leasing, insurance and fleet management, are based in these new dealerships and brand centres and will complete the satisfactory customer experience.

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