Maximum mobility with 4 X 4 Isuzu trucks
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Maximum mobility with 4 X 4 Isuzu trucks

Date: 22 Jun 2010 Author Type: Press Release
Author: Isuzu
Source: Isuzu

Off-road conditions exist everywhere – even within a city precinct – and when it comes to off-road demands for trucking, Isuzu’s new N and F-Series models provide the answer. The 4 X 4 Isuzu N and F-Series match requirements for excellent angles of approach and departure combined with an optimum wheelbase for ground clearance while still providing a useful cargo body length. Add to these the need for manoeuvrability in tight comers and Isuzu 4 X 4 trucks will deliver the goods, service or people.

Here’s a comparative table of key factors distinguishing Isuzu N and F-Series 4 X 4 models

Isuzu Model

Gross Vehicle Mass - GVM

Low range transfer case ratio

Limited slip differential

Full time all-wheel drive

Manual steering axle hub locks

Centre differential lock

Option for all single tyres

NPS 300 4 X 4


1: 1.842






FTS 750 4 X 4


1: 1,913



not needed



At 6t GVM the model NPS 300 makes a lighter footprint than the 13,5t GVM F-Series FTS 750 – this too has an important role in soft underfoot conditions. Too the lighter GVM of the N-Series 4 X 4 unit, add the wheelbase advantage of 3365mm compared to the heavier F-Series with a wheelbase of 4250mm – the NPS 300 is more manoeuvrable. Overall width of the N-Series and F-Series models is 1995mm and 2400mm respectively – the N-Series will operate in narrower confines than its heavier brother.

Both 4 X 4 models enjoy the benefit of a limited slip differential requiring no driver intervention when any rear wheel starts to spin – automatic lockup ensures positive traction on both rear drive wheels. And both models are also equipped with 6 speed transmissions that provide outstanding grade-ability in first gear when using the multiplication forces of the low range transfer box – for the N-Series this is 80% and 67% for the F-Series. (Figures quoted on full GVM)

A distinct off-road technical feature of the FTS 750 is full-time all-wheel drive. Isuzu research has shown these heavy trucks are not engaged in long-distance operations and that consistent mobility, without complex judgement on surface conditions on the part of a driver, is the key factor.

Isuzu 4 X 4 trucks – part of a modern technology truck line-up

The entire South African Isuzu range, medium N-Series, heavy F-Series and extra-heavy Gigamax now include turbo-intercooled, electronically-managed engines for 2010 to match Euro 2 requirements. Utilising common rail fuel-delivery systems, improved fuel consumption is a feature of these new technology engines. The advantage in common rail diesel engines is very high injection pressure – over 1600 bar – that is consistently maintained from idle to maximum engine speed. This ensures clean burning in a diesel engine’s compression ignition cycle with the benefit of improved fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions.

Isuzu diesel engines equipping both the N and F-Series 4 X 4s loose no power at altitude due to turbo-intercooling – they perform consistently in the highlands of Lesotho or the vast coastal plains of Africa. And for off-road conditions it is torque that counts – the NPS 300 and FTS 750 develop torque outputs of 404Nm @ 1500rpm and 706Nm @ 1450rpm respectively. Developing Nm at low rpm, these engines have low-end ‘grunt’ to get moving in tough going.

A vacuum-air braking system with ABS control is a standard safety feature on the NPS 300 including an engine exhaust brake. ABS also has the added benefit of steer-ability under emergency braking reducing the skill required of drivers in potential accident situations. An addition to the braking system for this unit is ASR – anti-slip regulation or acceleration skid control. That’s a further reason why the new Isuzu N-Series 4 x 4 is destined to become a favourite game-viewing tourist carrier – a fully homologated game-viewer unit is now available.

The FTS 750 is equipped with an air-hydraulic braking system and auxiliary engine exhaust brake while ABS is not standard on this model.

As a specialist vehicles Isuzu 4 X 4 N and F-Series trucks are set to gain a strong presence in markets requiring the advantage of all-terrain mobility. Safety, economy and environmental care are also key design characteristics of these new trucks.

Service & Warranty

There are currently 37 Isuzu Truck dealers in Southern Africa. Isuzu Trucks over 3,5 ton GVM are assembled from SKD (semi-knocked-down) packs in Port Elizabeth and from 1 January 2007 have been distributed in Africa through Isuzu Truck South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Isuzu Trucks have a class-leading warranty – 2 years with an unlimited distance or 2-year warranty for all Isuzu Trucks from 3,5 ton GVM and above. A 3-year anti-corrosion warranty for the entire Isuzu truck range completes the warranty package.

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