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Hyundai Atos

Date: 11 Mar 2005 Author Type: Registered Journalist
Author: Andrew Walker
Hyundai’s new Atos redefines standards in the premium compact car segment - featuring a distributor-less ignition system, central-locking, power steering, front electric windows, dual side impact bars and air-con as standard.

The new Atos Prime’s distinctive tall styling facilitates maximum use of headspace to create a roomier feeling for buyers in this segment. The interior has been reworked and re-engineered to offer modern and exciting features unique in its class.

Combining the traditional advantages of a small car and the functionality of a multipurpose vehicle in a uniquely styled little package, the compact exterior design of the new Atos complements a spacious interior within.

The seats, the legroom, and the headspace provide ample personal space for any individual and the new Atos is spacious enough to carry five adults and their luggage in comfort. Besides more space, the interior is packed with a host of smart ideas designed to make driving a pleasure.

Innovation in the New Atos redefines existing standards in space and the design of the A-pillar ensures an unhindered outside view without blind spots. The ergonomic design of the seats and the convenient location of the controls ensure an exciting cruising experience on the roads.

The generous space inside belies the compact exterior, making the new Atos a ‘smart’ substitute for the so-called bigger cars. With an overall height of 1 570 mm, it qualifies as the highest in the segment.

The New Atos can be transformed to carry a combination of passengers and luggage. Both the front seats can be reclined to create a semi flat position. The rear seat has double folding mechanisms to maximize the size of the cargo area. With the seats folded down, the new Atos offers an impressive 989 litres of cargo carrying space.

Powered by a 1.1-litre Epsilon Engine, the new Atos offers the perfect balance between power and fuel efficiency - making it a favourite for daily commuting needs. The multi-point fuel injection and engine management system (EMS) offers unmatched performance and extended engine durability. The 12-valve, 1 086 cc, four cylinder inline power plant delivers 43.3 kW at 5 500 r/min and 89.1 Nm of torque at 3 000 r/min.

The DLI (Distributor-less Ignition System) does away with distributor and high voltage spark plug wires that require periodic replacement and maintenance. Also the DLI allows more precise control of spark plug timing resulting in improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and increased power. The multi-point fuel injection system (MPFI) along with the dual intake valves calculate the exact amount of fuel needed to deliver exceptional fuel efficiency. The unique Engine Management System (EMS) includes a self-diagnostic function for simplified repair and maintenance.

The New Atos is available in a five speed manual transmission and a four – speed automatic transmission.

Safety is an integral part of the total process of car design. In the new Atos, the ultra high strength dual impact bars, the front crumple zones and the collapsible steering column contribute to make it one of the safest cars in its segment.

Leading the list of safety features in the Atos is the monocoque steel body, which forms a virtual safety cell for the passengers inside. The box frame is made of ultra high tensile strength steel for maximum strength. The body is made of high tensile steel, which offers outstanding strength. The vehicle roof, the floor and the sides have been reinforced with extra high tensile strength steel to provide greater impact protection in collisions.

A pair of lower front side members and a crossbar under the dashboard reduces damage in case of a front collision. The new Atos body combines crumple zones in the front and rear with an extremely rigid passenger safety cell to offer excellent impact energy absorption. The new Atos is one of the few cars in its segment that features dual side impact, ultra-high strength steel bars for protection in case of a side impact.

Crumple zones in the front and rear, dual side impact bars, a crossbar under the dashboard and excellent anti-roll characteristics transform the passenger compartment into a safety cell.

A collapsible steering column breaks on impact and reduces the chances of chest injury to the driver in case of a frontal collision. The day and night mirror which comes as a standard in all versions prevents night blindness and glare so common during night driving.

The seats feature an advanced anti-submarine safety frame, designed to prevent sliding in case of a crash or a sudden stop. This safety frame works in conjunction with the retractable seat belts and ensures minimum knee injury in case of severe accidents.

The front seats feature sliding adjustment to accommodate even the tallest drivers and passengers and the reclining feature of the front seats comes in handy in breaks between long drives. The Atos also features cup holders that are extra deep to accommodate glasses and bottles of varying shapes and size and an extra deep glove box comes in handy to keep your travel essentials safe.
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