F1 aces on cocaine
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F1 aces on cocaine

Date: 01 Jan 2005 Author Type: Registered Journalist
Author: Andrew Walker
The use of cocaine is widespread among Formula One drivers, a former Ferrari team doctor has claimed.

Although random FIA tests have never returned a positive result, Benigno Bartoletti said in Rome that `as many as one third` of the current field take the drug as a stimulant prior to grands prix.

“There is a lot of cocaine in Formula One,” the 68-year-old told Italy`s `Quattroruote` motoring magazine.

The Italian said that, for about 90 minutes, cocaine`s effect boosts reaction time and a driver`s feeling of invincibility. But he warned that when a grand prix goes longer, “it could become dangerous.”

Schumacher not quitting

Meanwhile, world champion Michael Schumacher is adamant – “I`m not even thinking about quitting.”

According to some, the only thing left undone by the 36-year-old - a seven time title winner who drives a Ferrari, who has achieved so much - is calling it a day.

“I don`t know why, honestly - I always say how much enjoyment I get out of being a part of my sport. How much more motivation do you need?” he asked a German TV interviewer.

German-born Schumacher rejects the argument that, with every meaningful record in the bag, there`s nothing left to drive for. “I don`t think that counts, not in sport,” he added.
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